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LUSH Mini Haul

I wanted to quickly talk about my obsession with LUSH, I absolutely adore all of their products! Choosing what I want to take home with me gets harder by the minute. I visited my local LUSH in Dallas and this time around I picked up a few items that I had been meaning to try! I’ve linked the products purchased in this mini haul right here so you can easily purchase them on AMAZON! I’m currently on this crazy Amazon kick, more to come on that topic in a post soon!

The first product I purchased was the fabulous H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment!
This is by far my favorite thing to do on a night when I just wanted to relax and take some ME time! This product is made with fresh watercress, fresh bay leaves, fresh bananas, fresh avocado, and fresh free range eggs as well as many other ingredients those are just some of my absolute favs! This product is a must have for ladies who apply any heat to their hair and who are wanting more moisture. You must apply it 20-30min before you shower and just let it do its thing while you drink tea or have a mini snack! 🙂 It’s like a face mask for your hair! It leaves it feeling so soft and silky! You are going to be addicted after trying it for the first time!

The two other things I picked up were soap bars!

The first soap bar I am going to run away with is called Sexy Peel!
Its jam packed with organic citrus peels and coconut oil! When you are feeling extra dirty and want to come out of the shower feeling like a million SEXY bucks then you must try this soap bar! I enjoy it in the mornings because it helps me quick start my day and leaves me feeling super sexy! Even at work!

The second soap bar and I almost had babies because it was so damn amazing!

It’s called Porridge and I use it right before bed. Bath or shower its great for relaxing and winding down! I love that it has actual Pinhead oatmeal and sweet orange oil which leaves you squeaky clean and so relaxed! If you have trouble falling asleep or just wrapping up your day after work you have to pick up this bar!

All products from LUSH are made with organic ingredients so indulge yourself in some amazing CLEAN products and feel good about yourself for doing the right thing for the environment!

If you have some favorite LUSH products let me know in the comments section because I am always down to try new things! Every time I go in there I swear I want to buy everything! Who’s with me? LOL! I hope you enjoyed my quick HAUL and Review of these 3 amazing products!

– Rosalinda






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