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September Sales Recap 

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Mimosas & Marionettes!

September went by so quickly! I’m so excited to share with you my monthly sales recap and a quick update on my Poshmark goals.

If you haven’t read my previous post about Poshmark please click here to find out what is it and how it can help you earn extra income selling the clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories you have in your own closet that you might not wear anymore!

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I’ve been doing a weekly play by play in my previous My Week in Sales post as well if you would like to read the last one click here!

Okay, so September sales! Wow! In my opinion September was awesome. I changed a lot of things around in my closet as well as in my sharing routines.

Here are some things I did to improve my sales.

  1. I changed my picture to a collage picture of my Cotton Jangle Boutique Logo. I decided this was the best move for my closet and it definitely reflects in my sales this month.
  2. I started spreading out my listings. Instead of listing 30-50 items all at once like I was doing at the bringing of the month I started listing 2-3 items a day. Even if I was just took a screen shot of the listing and relisted it again, it gave my closet way more exposure.
  3. I followed 500-1,000 people a day. Most of the time I get tons of follow backs, shares, likes, and adds to bundles! Which is great in my opinion even if the person giving your closet attention doesn’t lead to a sale it definitely drives more people into your closet.
  4. I comment or like things that Poshmark posts on social media. For example, I comment with my boutique’s Instagram on their Instagram posts and twitter updates.
  5. I started interacting with my followers a lot more. If someone likes more than 3 items I reach out to them. If someone follows I try to give them shares. It’s the little things that really go a long way.
  6. When someone makes a single item purchase I reach out to them and say something like “let me help you save on shipping by offering you a 20% discount when you add an item to your order.” Most of the time the buyer will add something to their order to get the discount and it allows me to speed through some of my inventory.
  7. I added a couple more ad listings. When I say “Ad Listings” I mean the listings that aren’t an item and are just closet announcements. For example I talked about my “Fall Items” ad listing that just announces that I now have Fall Items listed in my closet. I also have one announcing my Poshmark Stats and one announcing my seller discounts! These have helped out alot because they are big and bold and everyone who shops my closet should be able to scroll and see them! Its gives the buyer confidence to shop from you and also informs them about certain things that might be unique to your closet!
  8. I joined another Facebook Group community that motivates me to keep going! It also helps me get familiar with brands and buyer trends. The continuous poshlove that is spread in the group is so contagious and wonderful.

It was a month filled with lots of sharing that’s for sure! My self shares went up from 9,000 to 30,000! I plan to continue to grow my self shares. I want to make it a habit of sharing my entire closet at least 3 times a day. I want to do this at least for 30 days to see if I notice any improvements in traffic and sales.


This month I made….

41 Sales!!!!!!

OMG! & sold 56 items.




I pretty proud of myself! It’s been such a struggle to finally get back on my Poshmark grind and it feels so great!

I met my $300 goal for September!!!!!! 

Not all sales were home runs, some sales were bigger than others, but what matters to me is that I’m moving inventory and I’m making money! Profit was made and I’m very happy with the results of adding new inventory and making those little changes. I think over all September was a success!

I plan to continue to talk to you about my selling adventures on Poshmark. I absolutely love selling there and the community that surrounds it is amazing.

How has September been for you? Have you made any profit? What did you do this month to improve your sales on Poshmark? Share your tips with us down in the comment section! Thank you so much for the continuous support and love!

This blog has only helped me perform better in my business and I hope its helping you as well!

Best wishes,

Rosalinda 13265839_866997153404996_5510392768259419749_n


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