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Nyx Mini Makeup Haul & My first False Lashes!

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

Welcome back to Mimosas & Marionettes!

I took a trip to ULTA and then this happened!


I am new to the eye marker world and really wanted to try a less expensive marker out before I splurged on a more expensive name brand.  Although expensive name brands usually deliver I don’t know how to really use an eye marker. I wanted to try out the Nyx brand first and then work my way up and use other brands or stick to Nyx if it works for me. Not that Nyx isn’t a great brand but they are a more budget friendly brand than most. Their markers are fairly priced and range between $6.99-12.99 depending on where you purchase and what kind you purchase. I purchased mine at ULTA, they were having a BOGO Free Sale on all Nyx Eye products. This is a sale they have regularly so if you shop at ULTA you probably know this! I would recommend stocking up when they do have a sale because their products are reliable and very inexpensive compared to other brands.

I picked up two markers both for eyes with a felt tip. One in grey and one in black.

When I swatched the grey one in store I noticed that it dried really dark and sometimes you don’t want a full on black liner so having a grey liner I thought would come in handy when I’m doing a more dramatic look and even a lighter not to heavy makeup look.

Its called the NYX Colored Felt Tip Liner. This is what it looks like!


I absolutely love it and have already used it a million times. You can find it on their website for only $10.00!

I love that it’s very fine and thin and then gets thicker towards the bottom. The grip it has at the top of the marker has helped me get a more comfortable hold  and helps me glide it on easier as well. I am very satisfied with this purchase. It last a long time and Nxy has these in multiple colors! Now I want them in blue and white and maybe even a green! HAHA!

The other marker was a darker black. It’s a lot smaller and has a fatter felt tip. It doesn’t look like it in the picture below but it does and it’s AWESOME! It’s called the Felt Tip Liner and the color is Extreme Black!


It took me a while to warm up to this one just because it was such a dark black that I was waiting for the right time to use it. I finally got the courage to wear it out in public and now I can’t stop using it. I think I use this one a lot more often now that I am comfortable with applying it! This whole time I’ve been missing out on marker liners and they have seriously CHANGED MY LIFE!

You can find it on their website for only $9.50! It’s such a classic marker that you can use all day, everyday. I like doing my wing and my top liner with this marker and then going in with a different liner on my bottom lid.

I then went back to my normal instincts and grabbed this bad boy! Its called the Gel Liner and Smudger!


This Gel liner is from their Naughty vs. Nice collection. Its easy to use and comes in a small jar that’s easy to carry and store in your makeup case or bag. I use an Avon Eyeliner Brush that I didn’t take a picture of to apply this liner. I will soon blog about my brush collection and show you there! It’s just a very thin and tiny flat brush that I can easily dip in the liner jar and get just the right amount of product. You can find it on their website for $9.00! I had already tried this liner out and it’s one of my top favorites! I had to get another one because they were on sale and I thought I would take advantage of the deal!

Another product I had already tried that I needed o pick up again was the Nyx Micro Brow Pencil Crayon! IT HAS A SPOOLIE at the end which is a life saver at times! This Brow Pencil is my religion. I don’t leave the house without at least filling in my brows!

MUST HAVE PRODUCT! Find it on their website for only $10.00!


The last Nyx Product I grabbed was the Nyx Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer. It has similar packaging to the Smashbox Photo Finish primer which is like $36.

img_2288I am not a big primer user. I get turned off by the smell they have and since I hadn’t tried one before I figures why not give it a shot. The gel texture is so soft and goes on so smooth. It leaves your skin feeling flawless and in my opinion your makeup feels weightless when you apply primer first. I was that one friend that would always debate with you about using primer and how it was such a waste of money but OH MAN I WAS SO WRONG! I can’t wait to go back to Ulta and try a different one! More to come on primer for sure! I am now an addict! You can find this amazing product on the NYX website for only $13.00!

And now for the gran finale product…. drumroll please!

I got these super cheap lashes!!!!!!

Dont be disgusted by the long black hair that also makes an appearance in this top quality photo…. lol I have long black hair that I have a hard time taming okay! Give me break!!! 🙂

I purchased the Ardell Deluxe Pack that comes with DUO eyelash glue.


I think the only time I’ve ever worn  false lashes was on stage in a play but never out in public! They are very durable and definitely take mascara really well! I used one pair 3 times and felt like that was enough. The applicator really came in handy for my amature false eyelash adventures! You can find the exact same pair on the ULTA website for only $5.99!

Let me know your experiences with false lashes down in the comments because I would love to know which ones you think are the best? I would like to use them when I want a full glam look but other than that this was definitely an impulse purchase!  haha!

Okay guys so that was all the products I picked up on my mini ulta haul! Nyx was my main focus because this girl is a sucker for sales! Comment down below and let me know what your favorite Nyx products are! If you have any suggestions for me I would love to hear them as well! Make sure to click the links and head on over to the NYX website to check out their great deals! They are doing a FREE SHIPPING promo on all orders over $25!

Thanks so much for reading!

 – Rosalinda



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