Blogmas Day 3 | Wal-Mart Holiday Decor Mini Haul

Last night I stopped by Wal-Mart to buy a few grocery items I needed and I also grabbed some of the things I needed to finish decorating my Mini Christmas tree! I was looking for lights online but I didn’t want to wait for them to come in the mail so I thought I would just purchase them at the store. I originally meant to shop at Target but the Target near me is super fancy and surrounded by a lot of other stores. I figured if I played it safe and just bought them at Wal-Mart I wouldn’t be tempted to go into any of the other stores and I would also limit my spending.
It totally worked out!
Here are the items i grabbed.

First the mini lights!

I wasnt too thrilled about them at first because they looked very traditional and dull.
Then I got home and plugged them in!!!!!

I finally purchased the hooks for my mini ornaments but I had to use my jewelry wire cutters to get them to a smaller size. They were only $.98 cents. I thought about hanging them up with some twine which I will probably pick up anyway because I didn’t really like the finished look but it will work for now!

Here is my completed Mini Christmas Tree with tiny ornaments and mini lights!

and with the lights off! My favorite!


The other things I picked up were these little hand towels to put on my stove. I thought they would bring in some holiday cheer. I also grabbed this oven mitten because WHY NOT? It’s red and has such great holiday spirit! All 3 items were only $.88 cents each so I thought I would invest the give or take $3 to get them!

Here is how they look in my apartment!

My new red holiday oven mitten on my wall next to the others! 😋

And my two little holiday hand towels! 😁

YAYYYY!!! My apartment is feeling festive finally! Totally picked these up on a whim and I’m excited I did!

I will be picking up more holiday decor in the next couple of days! I really want a nice fleece throw and maybe some yummy Christmas scented candles! Stay tuned for more #Blogmas coming your way!

– Rosalinda ❤




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