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Blogmas Day 8 | November Sales Recap 

Hello! Welcome back to Mimosas and Marionettes! Its Blogmas Day 8!

****I wanted to say that if you have lots of items in your closet that you want to get rid of but don’t know how then make sure you check out POSHMARK! It’s an online app that lets you sell new and used clothing and accessories! I’ll post a link to my closet HERE so you can get an idea of what I post and sell on the app. If you’re interested use code HZKRK when you sign up to get $5 towards any purchase you make! (THE $5 NEVER EXPIRE!)  I’ve also talked about it in my previous post and I’ll link those HERE and HERE!****

OKAY…… So now on with today’s post!

I made lots of sales in November (about 60) but I didn’t add that many new items to my inventory! I haven’t been thrifting in a while and don’t plan to go at all in the month of December because I know it will be filled with lots of spending on my family and friends! I’ve saved some money to be able to do that so I think this last month of the year I will spend it on gifts instead of new inventory! A risk I’m willing to take! haha!

I think I sold between $600-$700 in November which isn’t bad considering I didn’t add any new items!

I’ve also been slacking on sharing and engaging! November was a tough month for me! Here are some bullet points on realizations and thoughts I had while selling online this month!

  1. Online selling is not easy!
    • Selling online is a hustle! You have to be alert at all times. I answer questions 24/7 and I make sure items get shipped and packaged daily! It’s hard to fit it into your daily routine at first, Now that I am considering doing it part-time officially I can see that its not going to be a piece of cake! If I want to eventually go full time I will have to push even harder!
  2. I’m not going to make record sales everyday and that is okay!
    • Sometimes I won’t make a sale all day and other days I make 15 sales! It’s funny how that happens but its true! I am not going to make record sales every day but that doesn’t mean I should quit! If you don’t put in the work how are you expecting to see a result?
  3. Not everything that you have posted is going to sell.
    • SHOCKER! If it hasn’t sold in a year and if Plato’s closet didn’t take it then maybe you should donate it to your favorite shelter or thrift store. Do your research and never stop learning! Put items in your shop that you will sell and get rid of the junk! We are not in the storage business we are in the selling business!
  4. Finding quality inventory to stock my closet isn’t going to be easy!
    • This goes hand in hand with the one above! Stocking your shop with quality items and interesting cover shots will grab the attention of buyers!
  5. Being confident goes along way!
    • If you are confident in yourself and the products you are selling there is no reason why others shouldn’t feel confident buying from you. I like wearing the things I sell because people always ask me when I got them from and I direct them to my Poshmark show! It’s an easy marketing technique! If you’re not displaying confidence then it will reflect on your work!
  6. Enjoy the days you makes BIG sales!
    • I always think its a joke when someone spends $200 in my shop but honestly those days are the best! People don’t know that with that money I can reinvest and supply my business with the inventory it needs to grow and be successful! I have to remind myself to celebrate big sales and to not take them for granted! Big sales get me closer to my goals!
  7. Don’t let yourself down! If you know you can do it then go after it 100%!
    • Selling online is difficult and it will only get harder the more you do it! You can’t get discouraged and you can’t quit when you lose! Keep your head up on the days when you don’t make any money and you will see that your own self encouragement will take you much further!
  8. Keep the focus on the end goal.
    • You might have lots of goals in mind when you first start. You might feel like you have so much to accomplish but in reality there is really only one end goal and you have to keep that in mind every single day! What do YOU REALLY want to accomplish! What does selling online really mean to you?
      • Are you going to buy a car? Saving for a house? Are you looking for extra monthly cash or do you want to pay the rent at the end of the month with the money you are making? Stick to an end goal and you will see results!
  9. ALWAYS consider your options.
    • Don’t settle for less if you want more! You will regret it and then hate yourself later! This can go for anything when you are talking about your online business! Consider buying wholesale items from multiple websites! Compare prices and find the best deals!
  10. You’re not perfect, life happens.
    • If you get behind on your business task don’t put yourself down! Life happens and even though we like to think we are perfect WE AREN’T! We will get behind and we will have other things to do!

If you got this far… thank you for reading my November Sales Rant! I know it wasn’t the most exhilarating post for you to read (if you read it all.) lol!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you all have a wonderful day! Stay tuned for blogmas tomorrow! I’ll see you then! Bye! XOXOXO!


– Rosalinda


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