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Blogmas Day 13 | Update

Hey there!

Welcome back to Mimosas and Marionettes!

This is Blogmas Day 13…..


Okay so I skipped a couple of days! KILL ME! lol

I’m sorry! I’ll catch you up.

Here in Texas we got our first taste of Winter! We’ve been experiencing 30 degree weather in Dallas for the last couple of days. Its projected to stay pretty cold at night however sometimes during the day time it gets up in the 70’s! 🤔 TEXAS IS INSANE when it comes to weather.

This shows the weather for this past week.

Dressing myself around this time of year is the worst! I never know how cold or hot it’s going to be outside. In the mornings when I wake up I always find myself asking “How cold is it outside?” lol I think my boyfriend hates it when I ask him! He’s like “Idk Rosalinda, I just woke up too!” Hahahaha!

Okay anyway, for today’s Blogmas post I really wanted to chat! I feel like I have some frequent readers who check on me and would maybe enjoy this type of post. I know I’ve missed a couple of days but I’m only human! I was having so much fun blogging and then honestly totally stopped. My car has been giving me some trouble so that’s been occupying my time lately.

Anyway back to our little chat!

Due to the weather changing I’ve decided to bring my plants in so they don’t freeze. At first I didn’t know where I was going to put them because as I mentioned in a previous post my apartment is fairly small. I decided to just put them close to the window and my front door.

My boyfriend bought me all these plants when I first moved in and I’ve loved them so much this past year. I would hate it if they don’t survive the winter.

To the left is my little succulent cone which is sitting on a small red trunk I’ve had for a while. I store blankets and books in there mainly. I thought it would be a nice place to put my largest collection of succulents.
This is an adorable pathos plant is a bit smaller now that’s it’s colder. He was really big this summer! You can see him struggling a bit in this picture. He really needed to come inside. I have him hanging on a hook outside my apartment so inside I thought I’d just hang him on my window.

The frog planter you see was purchased at the Dallas Arboretum! My BF and I went on a date this summer and I picked him up at the gift shop for only $9.99! I thought he was  adorable! Then 4 days later my BF bought me this beautiful succulent and it was just perfect for it! I haven’t set the succulent in the planter yet but I plan to do so sometime next week. I want to purchase some new soil for it so I can take it out of its plastic pot!

He is sitting under my coffee table in the center of my small living room! I’m loving it so far!

Moving plants in and out and setting them up in their new spot has been the most exciting thing that’s been happening around here! I think I’ll take them out in the mornings when I leave for work and then bring them inside when I get off. They will need sunlight so I’ll have to figure out a good schedule I can remember.

At night I’m working in Addison, TX at Watertower Theatre. I work as a Box Office Associate part-time! I love dressing up and coming to the theatre even though I don’t always watch the shows! However it’s an experience for the audience coming to see the shows so dressing up to do job seems appropriate!

I’m wearing a the Park Lane Signature Necklace and pendant set with the matching earrings. I think they are discontinued but you can check their website! They have awesome jewelry!  A black tank maxi dress from Forever 21. My hair is up this picture which is so weird honestly. I don’t wear it up much. My lip color is Berry Sorbet by e.l.f.! A lot of you liked this color in my previous post. It’s one of my favorite colors now! On my brows I used my favorite Nyx micro brow pencil in jet black. Sorry the lighting was terrible!

Okay thanks for stopping by today!

If you read this far then I hope you are having a great time this December! I’m hoping to get back to Blogmas on my regular schedule now! I would love continue to post daily so I’ll see how this goes! 🙂

I hope to see you back tomorrow!

– Rosalinda


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