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Blogmas Day 14 | Colourpop Haul Part 1 + Swatches & Reviews

Hi guys!

Welcome back to Mimosas & Marionettes!

This is Blogmas Day 14!

I am so excited to share my awesome Colourpop Haul with you!

I made this purchase about a month ago and I’ve been loving everything!

This was my first purchase from the Colourpop website so I was super excited to receive the order and to put everything all over my face! Lol!

I uploaded a quick video for you and here it is!

I know its a super fast video lasting only 10 seconds but It does show everything I purchased! I think total I spent around $50 on the website.

I am going to do this haul in two parts! I dont want to have these types of post run too long because, so…..Let’s talk about the lippies first because they are all amazing!

I purchased 4 different shades.

From top to bottom pictured….

She Bad – Matte X

  • She Bad is a stunning nude. It took me a few try ons to get used to. I had to apply the right moisturizer underneath since it is a Matte X to get the look that I really wanted. I used a bit of Rose Salve on my lips and then applied this on top once the lip balm settled. It was drying out too quickly and getting too Matte for me so adding the extra product underneath really helped it set for me.

Here is a swatch


  • Konnichiwa is from the Hello Kitty Collection Colab. It’s probably my favorite of the 4 lippie stix I purchased. It’s a Creme lipstick with a pink berry undertone. It’s great for any season but I’m excited to wear this in the spring. It’s also a Creme lipstick. I was very surprised at myself for falling in love with it! I must buy it again soon!

Here is a swatch


  • Topanga is a lot brighter than it looked on the website. It’s a satin lipstick which is out of my comfort zone. I wore it once but wasn’t really pleased. I can’t help it that I love Matte lipstick! Lol! Anyway, it’s gorgeous in the swatch I pictured below but on my lips… eh not so much. I’m not brave enough yet to wear this out during the winter. Maybe in spring I’ll start rocking it more. I do have a look I want to achieve for New Years Eve so maybe I’ll do this pinky pout when I ring in the new year!


  • Ellerie is the last of the 4. It’s gorgeous and bright and bold and ahhhh! All the ands! I can’t say anough about this lovely color. It definitely goes with everything. I’ve always been fond of a red lip and this dark red is perfect any occasion!
3rd is Topanga, 4th is ellerie 

Alright gals! Those were my four lipstick purchases from Colourpop! I am now addicted and will be putting another order in soon!

I’ve had a lot of fun playing dress up with them and am a very proud owner!

Please leave me a comment down below letting me know what your favorite Colourpop lippie stixs are! I would love to know what you guys are loving and am open to any suggestions for my next purchase!

Stay tuned for the second part of my haul tomorrow!

– Rosalinda


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