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Blogmas Day 15 | Colourpop Haul Part 2 + Swatches & Reviews

Hey guys! Welcome to Mimosas and Marionettes!

If this is your first time here then I hope you stay and check out my other post after reading this one!

This is part 2 of my Colourpop Haul. I will link part 1 right HERE! This is going to be a long blog with lots of pictures so buckle up!

First off let me show you the 10 second video of my entire haul!

I paid about $50 for everything and purchased directly from the colourpop website! They are offering FREE Shipping on all orders over $30 right now so head on over and check out their awesome products! Also a lot of their stocking stuffer sets are on sale for only $15!

Okay so on with today’s post! This is Blogmas Day 15!!! WOOT! Look at me!! Posting on a regular schedule again! haha!

I started contouring and sculpting my face with bronzer about a year and a half ago. Like most of my friends I was so afraid to use creme to contour because WHO FREAKING KNOWS WHY? I think I was scared because I was new to blending and just contour in general. It took me a while to warm up to the idea of spreading creme on my face but now I love it.

When shopping on the Coloupop website I was mainly looking for the sculpting stixs because I had previously heard some great things about them from other bloggers and youtubers so I really wanted to purchase some.

I picked up two sculpting stixs.

Illuminati  and Point Dume – You can click these links and it will take you to thier website to check out the other colours they have so please head on over. They are only $5 each.



  • This is the highlighting sculpting stix. I use this as a concealer sometimes. Its great under my eyes and helps me hide those dark circles. I also put a little on my t-zone. I like using this to brighten different areas of my face without having to use a highlight. The soft buttery texture is great when it comes to blending. This particular color has a bit of a yellow undertone.

Point Dume

  • This Sculpting Stix is the one I use to contour. I love how easy it is to blend and buff out on my face. It is a little hydrating and gives off a dewy look if you don’t set it. I don’t always have time to set my makeup and I honestly like the dewiness. If you’re looking for a Matte finish then it might be harder to achieve while using this stix to sculpt.

I’ve been loving both stix. They come in handy when I need to create a quick makeup look. They are super easy to apply and aren’t messy  which is a big plus!

These are the other products I purchased!

Being new to the highlight revolution I decided to try out a Pearlized Super Shock Highlighter in the shade Fanny Pack!

I have to give it to Colourpop, the packaging is amazing. From the box to the small pods I absolutely enjoy using their products.


Here is a swatch for you. I wish it would do it justice but it just doesn’t and I apologize. You must see this bad boy in real life for you to fully experience the blinding beauty of this highlight.


I’ve used it multiple times and have received a few compliments while wearing it.


If you’re new to Colourpop like I was you will be surprised at how creamy this powder is. When I first swatched it I was so confused. I thought it was a creme but its just super soft and velvety!

Next is the matte bronzer. I purchased Bon Voyage! Its a very light bronzer with a beautiful finish.

As you can tell by the picture below I have used this quite a bit. I love it although it is a bit light for my liking. I enjoy a dark bronzer because I usually contour with it like I said above. This bronzer however is a little harder to use when I want to contour with it. Since it is light and matte i usually have to apply a few coats before I get the look I want. Next time I will probably pick up a darker shade.

Here is a swatch for you. I did two. The top one is after building it up for a few coats. The bottom swatch is a one time swatch.

I thought you might like to see what it could possibly look like if you were to build it up some. It can get a little cakey so be careful when applying.

The last item I added to my shopping cart was this beautiful super shock eyeshadow in the shade Koosh.

Its so metallic and beautiful. I can’t get enough!

I like to apply this right on my lid and then blend it in with other colors depending on the look.I use it at night time and day time so its very versatile.

Its also extremely pigmented. I did a light sheer swatch here for you so you would see how great it catches the light.

Each shadow is $5.00 which is a great deal in my opinion.


Okay so that was my entire Colourpop Haul in two parts! I really hope you enjoyed this quick little series of post I’ve put together for you guys! Don’t forget to leave a comment down below letting me know your favorite products from Colourpop and what you plan on trying in the future! If you have put together any looks using these shades please let me know I would love to check them out on your blog or youtube channel!

I hope you are enjoying my blogmas. I wish everyone a great December filled with lots of memories and family time! Happy Holidays you guys! Please join me here for more blogmas!

 – Rosalinda




5 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 15 | Colourpop Haul Part 2 + Swatches & Reviews

  1. I have Bon Voyage! I am super pale right now since it’s winter here so this shade works great for me! It is definitely meant for fair/light skin tones. If you find it too light remember you can always use it as eyeshadow! It would be a beautiful transition shade. Thanks for sharing your haul!

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