April Online Sales Report & What I learned

Hello everyone and welcome back to Mimosas and Marionettes! As promised here is my April Online Sales Report & What I learned post! I love writing these types of posts because its my own personal way of keeping myself on track as well as documenting my milestones, failures, and successes!

My April total sales are as follows:

Poshmark –  $815.97  – This total reflects all revenue before cost of item. Poshmark takes the shipping out of the equation for sellers so this number reflects my total sales before deducting cost of item. Shipping is not a factor because buyer always pays shipping. 

Mercari  – $53.30  – This total reflects  revenue as well before cost of item. Mercari gives you the option to ship items on your own or to print a shipping label straight from Mercari. I choose to print the label they give me so this total is after shipping cost and before deducting cost of items. 

eBay – $23.00  – This total reflects revenue before shipping cost are deducted and cost of goods are deducted. 

So my total sales revenue for the month is $892.27

Since most of my items are purchased by the pound at the Goodwill Outlet and I average about $.25-$0.85 per item I think its safe to say I did a net profit of about $800 (give or take) this month. I take into account my milage, time, and also any shipping supplies I purchased throughout the month.

I spend about 3-4 hours a day reselling and consider it only a part time hobby at the moment. I’ve always wanted to venture into being a full time reseller but it’s hard to take the plunge when I have a steady source of income coming from my part time job. However, next year around this time I plan to be a full time seller and work from home. For the amount of time I put into my side hustle I think my monthly online sales income is great. I’m a one woman show and the money I make online is helping me pay the bills which is all that really matters right now. I try to save at least $100 a month from the money I make to invest into the next month or to just have in my account for emergencies or what not.

This month I learned that in order to make daily sales you must list daily! I listed at least 1 item each day to my Poshmark closet. Listing everyday and having that daily activity to your closet really shows that you are very attentive to your closet and Poshmark rewards that with more traffic. These are all my opinions and theories of course but I did notice an increase in sales when I stay active with shares and new listings.

My monthly tip for you is – Don’t be afraid to relist something in your closet that isn’t selling! I have anxiety about that sometimes because some items have lots of likes but I no longer have any room to reduce the price so that the people who like my item can get that 10% price drop notification. I also think that relisting with new photos and sometimes even a higher price makes your product look more desirable!

Alright everyone thank you so much for stopping by my blog today to check out my new post! I hope you enjoyed this type of post and if you did please don’t forget to like it and leave a comment down below. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to leave them down below as well and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability! Thanks again!

– Rosalinda



5 thoughts on “April Online Sales Report & What I learned

  1. Hey Rosalinda! Congrats on your big month :)) I have a question: any tips on how you decide what to buy at the thrift store so that it will sell when you put it on poshmark? Do you just buy things you like? Thanks for your help!!

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    1. Hi Jess! thanks for your question! I mostly check for good brands! I look at whats trending and selling on platforms like eBay and Poshmark and I also try to keep up with fashion trends in magazines and fashion blogs. If you stick to brand name clothing while thrifting I would say you are guaranteed to make your money back. However there are times when I purchase vintage items or items without a brand because I like the style or trend. Its hit or miss sometimes. You just have to play around and see what works for your closet and demographic. When I started on Poshmark I sold my own items and then used that profit to purchase items from a thrift store. I highly recommend this to those who are just starting! 🙂

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