My Simple Skin Care Voxbox Review 

Hey ladies! I’m back at it again with more products to review from my friends at Influenster! This time they sent me a small box filled with awesome goodies from Simple – Sensitive Skin Experts!

My voxbox came packed with two FULL SIZE products! Along with the Dual Effect Eye Makeup Remover I also got a Hydrating Cleansing  Oil and I couldn’t wait to try them both!

The first product I tried was the Hydrating Cleansing Oil, I was very skeptical because when I put some on my fingertips I immediately thought that rubbing it on my face would make me feel very heavy and oily! I did not want to try it but I am so happy I took the plunge and didn’t hold back! To the touch the cleansing oil is very light and silky. It’s made from 100% grapeseed oil which I thought was very cool since I had never tried anything made with grapeseed oil before. Its packed with Vitamin A & E which is why it leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and instantly hydrated! I use it every night before bed and every morning to  wash off any dirt or dead skin particles that I might have collected from my bed sheets. Its very SIMPLE to use and has now become one of my essential skin care products!

When I saw that I’d received a makeup remover in this Voxbox I nearly cried! I had just finished up my Mary Kay Makeup Remover and was looking for something totally different to try. I am particularly picky about my makeup remover! Some brands are too chemical based and leave your skin feeling rough and dry while others are overly hydrated and leave your skin feeling dewy and oily. I find myself battling with makeup removers and can never seem to find the perfect one for me. I used the Dual Effect Makeup Remover instead of my usually wipes one night after coming home from a night out it was so nice on my eye lids and eyelashes. Its light and doesn’t leave you feeling dirty after using it.

Overall both products are winners in my book! They are excellent together and just work wonders on your skin! After using them together for a week I noticed my skin felt a lot more hydrated. Especially in this HOT TEXAS WEATHER we could all use more hydration here in the South!

Wanna know more about Influenster? Check out my previous sponsored post by CLICKING HERE!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you get a chance to try these wonderful products out! They can be found at you local Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, or Walgreens! You can even purchase on AMAZON by clicking the images below! 🙂



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