Thanks for following me! 

Wow! Thanks so much for following me! If you’re reading this I hope you know that I’m glad you stopped by today. 

Okay let me tell you a little bit about myself. 

My name is Rosalinda. I’m 25. 

I work at a Children’s Theatre in Dallas, TX and I am also a part time online reseller. 

I studied acting in college and soon after I started teaching children’s after school theatre for a small start up. I then went on to  study marionette puppetry with John Hopkins at Geppettos Marionette Theater. My amateur puppetry skills and my love for brunch and delicious mimosas is why my blog is called Mimosas & Marionettes. 

I wanted to say that I am not a makeup artist, I’m not a professional Poshmark user, or a professional thrifter – even though I like to think I’m a professional thrifter! I FIND ALL THE DEALS! 😂 and finally I am in no way a professional actor or puppeteer. However I do love sharing my adventures with you! Blogging my hauls and sharing my thrifting finds has been such a great creative release for me! I wanted to connect with others who also thrift, resell, love makeup, love theatre, and love buying shit! I’ve also always wanted to write and this blog has really helped me express myself! 

Thank you! 


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