Poshmark: Quick January Sales Recap & Poshmark App Updates

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to Mimosas and Marionettes!

Today I wanted to bring you a quick January Sales Recap and I also wanted to update you on my Poshmark Goals for 2017!

Alright let’s get right into it!

January was an okay month for me. Like I said in a previous Sales Recap post,  I have stopped sourcing which is why I haven’t made as much money these past few months. I’ve started to focus a lot on my budget. Focusing on my budget each month is helping me pay off my student loan debt as well as regular monthly expenses. I have lots of items that have yet to be posted so I don’t think i will do much sourcing until March. My mom also brought me a ton of items from my childhood home that I will be adding to my closet as well! if you’d like to know more about my budget and my month to month planning please leave a comment down below and I will do some post that focus on that area of my life! I’d love to share and exchange any tips with you guys!

I really pumped my self shares up in January. I think I was up to 30,000 again. Such a huge difference from the 8,000 self shares I was at in December.

I did this by hitting the Edit-List method pretty hard. I find the new updated share feature  they launched to actually be more time consuming and not as effective. Who knows why Poshmark is just now starting to care about their app a little more. We are clearly making them a ton of money!

They launched a new update which included being able to add up to 8 photos to each listing. Thats a huge update considering they only let us upload 4 photos at a time before. Although they did update how many pictures we can add they have yet to update the picture adding process. Right now we have to add pictures one at a time. This is very time consuming and listing would be easier if we could select the pictures and upload them all at once to the listing. It’s pretty frustrating having to scroll up on my camera roll to find the right picture to add – then having to do the same thing all over again for as many times as it takes to add all my photos. For someone like me who likes to list everyday, this is such a hassle.

I made about $500 in sales last month. It wasn’t a lot but its still a lot more than what I made in December. My goal for the year is to bring in $10,000. I am pretty confident that I will meet it! I know that It will take some work and that I will have to keep up with my personal goals of listing everyday and sharing my entire closet at least 2 times a day.

Giving myself this goal just keeps me motivated! I am super excited and plan on giving you guys an update like this one each month! Here’s to hoping I make double what I made in January in the month of February!

I would love to know your thoughts on the new Poshmark updates and also any of your personal goals. If they are monthly or yearly goals let me know down in the comments!

As always I want to thank you so much for stopping by today and giving  this post a read! I hope the rest of your day/night is great and I’ll talk to you in my next post!

 – Rosalinda


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