Poshmark – Tip of the Day 5/30/17

Hello everyone and welcome back to

Mimosas and Marionettes!

Today I bring you a quick tip that you can do on a daily basis to increase your closet activity and sales!

Today’s tip of the day is:

Target following by Brand

Did you know that you can follow people that like the same brands that you have listed in your closet?

All you have to do is filter your following by brand!

On your main landing page you will see a silhouette icon with a plus sign on your upper left corner.

You will then see this screen!

Here you can select My Brands…


You will end up here! This screen will allow you to search for any brand and then follow anyone who has that brand in their closet.

This is an example of all the people I can follow who have Lululemon in their closets!

I did the same for the popular brand 7 For All Mankind!

I hope this tip helps you follow people who can potentially become some of your buyers in the future! Following those with similar brands and styles only brings you closer to the right buyer!

Now get to following and making money on Poshmark! Don’t be afraid to say hello and leave a comment down below with your closet name so I can follow you and share your active listings! Also Don’t forget to click that follow button to be notified of new content and thanks so much for stopping by today! 🙂

– Rosalinda

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4 thoughts on “Poshmark – Tip of the Day 5/30/17

  1. Hi, I have enjoyed your tips. I joined awhile back. But Just trying to get it working better for me. Thanks for sharing your success. My closet name is @janaepaskett

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