Welcome to my blog! 

Hi there! 

Welcome to my blog! I’m Rose! 

Mimosas & Marionettes is dedicated to my many passions in life. I am 25, living life in Dallas & I can’t wait to share my adventures with whomever is reading this. I was looking for a place to share my everyday thoughts and feelings about life and other things when I created this blog and I hope it can help me reach out to readers who are interested in the same things! I’m just an ordinary girl from a small town, on a serious budget, looking for a deal and trying to make it all on my own!  Stay tuned for post on just about anything and everything! 
See you soon! 

💕 Rose

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog! 

  1. Nice description of what you want and are doing. I am a writer and found describing myself, my goals and my bio hard to write. I started my blog about 10 days ago. Can you tell me anything you found, that stands out to you? Thanks angie

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