My Week in Sales 9.18-9.24.16


Welcome to Mimosas & Marionettes! 

This week I’m back with another My Week in Sales post!

 I’m excited to be doing this from now on because it really motivates me to do better the next week. I also love that talking about Poshmark on this blog has helped so many of you already! Lots of you didn’t even know about Poshmark and I’ve helped you find it!

I did so many things this week that I hope  they will benefit you while on your journey with Poshmark!

 When I first started Cotton Jangle Boutique I was still in college and looking for a side hustle. I met a lady that was looking for someone with internet expertise. She was wanting to grow her online boutique audience and didn’t have much time or experience to do it alone. She had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl and her business was taking the worst end of the deal. She had just purchased a ton of new inventory and my job was to list, market, and make sales. One day she approached me asking if I wanted to buy it all from her and I accepted! Then BOOM! Cotton Jangle Boutique was born! 

My parents have always been the type of people to resell items. They flip antiques, old VHS movies, and video games at a local Flea Market in Nacogdoches, TX – which is the oldest town in Texas incase you wanted some Texas History in your life.

I think its safe to say that I have a passion for being an entrepreneur. I love to challenge myself every month to make more money than I did the month before. As I’ve said before in last weeks post the month of September I have set a goal of making at least $300 in combined online sales from both Poshmark closets as well as some other online selling apps I am actively using. My main focus is Poshmark but I list on other sites as well to get more exposure and to get rid of inventory faster! My demographic is mainly ladies between the ages of 18-30. I get a lot of older customers as well but mostly for my jewelry items.

Okay here is my play by play this week starting with Sunday and ending Saturday night.

Sunday was an awesome sale day for me. I finished listing all the new items I bought on my last Wholesale haul and adjusted some prices. I mostly spend Sunday doing inventory and sharing my items. I made 4 sales that day. 2 sales came from my Pre-loved closet and 2 from my retail boutique closet. I haven’t really shared enough of my preloved closet which is my downfall. I struggle with this every month. I have a lot of clothing that doesn’t fit me anymore and that has to go. I was running a huge sale but still no sales. The items I sold were not even sale items they were two pairs of jeans. One was H&M and the other was Banana Republic. In my Wholesale retail boutique I sold a dress that I had listed in my closet for so long but after it not selling I decided to relist last week and it sold within hours! I also sold a long maxi skirt that was perfect for fall! I marked all my fall items with a little leaf emoji 🍂 and created an ad listing that let my followers know I had Fall items up! It definitely drove some people into my closet and got me some shares and likes! Overall Sunday was a great day!

Monday was totally different than Sunday. During my normal morning edit-list sharing routine my notifications seemed to be coming in very slow and even though I was constantly sharing my closet I hardly got any likes or shares. Around 2pm I made a bundle sale of two items. One item was a newly listed item and I was pumped about it. When something new sales I always get a thrill from it. I know I love new products so I am sure my followers do too! Later that afternoon I made another bundle sale of two items. Both items were fall items and I give credit to my “FALL ITEMS” ad listing. It really helped get the word out about my new fall inventory!  The rest of the day I spent sharing and following new poshers! I think I followed like 3,000 new people! I also continued to congratulate anyone who was in my shares that had made a sale! I think it really pumps others confidence and they also acknowledge that you are an active posher!

Tuesday I made one sale. It was a pretty slow day for me overall. I spent most of the day sharing my closet and watching Big Brother! I had never watched Big Brother and stumbled upon it when I subscribed to CBS on my Apple TV. It’s really fun and now I’m addicted to watching. Let me know if you watch BB in the comments because I need someone who keeps up with the seasons. I also joined a new Facebook group, Poshmark Analytics. It’s another awesome group where Poshers just like you can get together and chat about your goals, sales, and also give each other tips! The community is awesome and I’m just guzzling all the information I can!

Wednesday through Friday were such a WHOMP! I made NO sales for three days straight. During those three days I mainly focused on getting my self-shares up! I’m almost at 30,000 and I’m so proud of myself! It’s really an accomplishment. My next goal is to get my regular shares up by at least 5,000. Engaging with other Poshers is pretty much a full time job! Between answering questions and responding to shares, I spend most of my time on my phone! My Bf gets really annoyed but hey I’m working here! I followed lots of new Poshers and tried my best to keep my spirits up through the no sale drought!

Saturday I FINALLY MADE 2 sales. They were individual sales of some slip dresses I had marked down earlier in the week. I was so greatful to end my no sale drought that I didnt even care what I sold just as long as something got packaged up and shipped. The rest of the day I spent lounging and watching my favorite shows while sharing away.

This week was crazy and filled with lots of sharing. I have made several discoveries through my September sales journey and I plan to include them all in my monthly recap. I can’t believe the month is coming to an end already. I’m getting closer and closer to turning 26 and it scares me half to death.

I want to THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart! I continue this Poshmark journey to not only help myself financially but also help you! I hope that the tips you read here will help you with your selling journey. Leave a comment down below and let me know how you did this past week with your sales. If you haven’t tried Poshmark yet please sign up now to clear your closet out. If you sign up with my code you get $5.00 towards your next purchase!

Just type in HZKRK when you sign up!

Total sales: 9

Total Items Sold: 11

Thank you guys for reading!

 – Rosalinda


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