My week in sales 9.11-9.17.2016

Hello everyone!!!

Welcome back to Mimosas and Marionettes!

I’m excited to share a my week in sales post today because I feel like everyone has their ups and downs when it comes to online sales and I wanted to share my stats to motivate myself a bit and maybe get some feedback from anyone who reads this!

This week I had an average week and I’m proud of what I did to help get me back on track.

Last week I went to my cousins wedding and while there I took advantage of my moms fashion eye to pick out some Wholesale items as new product for my Poshmark boutique. I invested a pretty penny in new product and was super excited to list and start sharing!

I got to listing and within 2 days I had listed 50+ items! I shared my closet 3 or more times a day and soon started getting likes and shares back. I also followed everyone back who followed Ashton Kutcher! (It was a tip given to a public Facebook group I’m in!) I gained lots of followers and shares and my new products were soon getting lots of exposure. Men items are so hot right now on Poshmark so if you have a boo thing or a stylish dad i suggest you get his items up and give your closet some variety! You never know what sells!

Okay here is my week play by play! 🙂

Sunday I spent the entire day listing items! Here are some of the new items I listed in my Poshmark Closet!



Monday I made a two item bundle sale of a couple of tops I had in my clearance section of my boutique and I was super excited! New items definitely paid off and drove in traffic to my clearance section!  I’ve still got lots of sale items I’m trying to push out to make room for new items! What took up most of my time was going through each of my listings and following anyone who had liked my items. I followed everyone and got lots of follow backs! It was overall a great day!

Tuesday I didn’t sell anything but I spent the day sharing and liking! I went through all the previous listings I had shared and if I saw a sold one I congratulated the posher for their sale! I usually got some good karma shares back! It’s always great to empower your posh sisters! I shared my own listings at least 2-3 times and rolled in those shares from other poshers. Creating a share chain is my favorite thing to do when bored. I share an item and then someone else shares it, then a follower of theirs shares and it and so on! It drives so many people into my closet and usually guarantees lots of ADD TO BUNDLE notifications which most of the time means someone is bookmarking my closet!

Wednesday I woke up to three sales! Both from new poshers! I was on the fence about posting some Brand New Retail damaged boutique items in my Poshmark closet but after seeing some listings floating around in the Poshmark virtual world I was like POR QUE NO LIST?! I see the wildest things posted and my damaged items are still compliant! So I listed some wallets and bags that had been damaged due to storage and also from transporting them from my point of purchase to my home. They are brand new with tags but have some peeling or tiny scratches. I sold a wallet and almost cried! I hadn’t sold any in my preloved closed which I neglect at times because I’m so focused on my boutique closet. Selling an item that I knew was great but had just tiny damages made me feel so great! The customer got a good deal and at least I made some of my money back.


Here is a picture of one item I listed so you get an idea of what I mean by “Damaged due to storage.” They are brand new with tag items that have some flaws.

Thursday I made one single sale. I sold some gorgeous palazzo pants. I only have one pair left now which means I need to restock! Thursdays posh goal was to spend time analyzing  my closet to see what I could do better. I started to see that some items I’ve had up for a while and they had little to no likes and hadn’t sold. I figured why not try the retake photo, relist, and up the price strategy! 😝 I did just that and started sharing my own listings like crazy! You’d be surprised at the amount of traffic you get when you relist.

Friday I didn’t sell anything but I did get a HOST PICK!


One of my new items got picked for the BEST IN MAKEUP PARTY! I was super excited and got lots of shares and attention! I was so proud of myself for all the hard work I had put into my closet and was so satisfied with the week! I told myself if I sold anything during the weekend it would be like a BONUS!

Saturday while sitting on the couch sharing my items BAM BABY! The dress I had relisted with a new cover shot SOLD for full price! No hassles. No offers. No questions! I was so proud! Then later that day I received an email saying someone had made an offer on a listing in my preloved closet! I headed on over and accepted it! I’ve been trying to clear out my preloved closet now for some time. I’m running a sale currently and I’m still struggling. Making a sale in that closet definitely made me realize I don’t share as often or interact as much as I should with my fellow poshers! That account needs some love too and I plan on giving it some attention! I want to do a blog post on how I manage both accounts soon so stay tuned for that!

Overall I wasn’t disappointed with my sales. Since I just started hardcore poshing again I am proud to say that I am back on my grind and finally putting in the time it deserves. My goal for September is to make $300 in sales with both my preloved closet and my boutique closet! I’ll also do a monthly September recap at the end of the month!

These are my combined results for both closets:

Total sales: 7  ———-   Total items sold: 8
My new motto for September is … You can’t make a sale if you don’t share!
Let me know how you did in sales this past week, what your posh goals are, or something new that you tried in your Poshmark closet! I will be adding tons more so dont forget to follow me @ohrosalinda for all my Boutique items and @thriftyrose for all my preloved items on Poshmark. Leave your closet name below so I can follow you!

Thanks for reading!

– Rosalinda 💗


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