October Sales Recap 2016


I know I’m super late but I’m here today with my October monthly recap!!!

I hate that I haven’t been doing my weekly sales recaps this month or last month and I think it’s because I have been so focused on adding new inventory and making some changes. I haven’t really had time to blog weekly so I figured the monthly recaps are whats going to work best for me. I don’t know, maybe next month I’ll be in a better blogging mood and put out some weekly recaps depending on how great my weeks are.

I wanted to lay out the techniques and some of the changes I’ve made this month for myself and for you. My sales have significantly increased this month so I hope this helps you.

  1. I added used items to my once “Boutique” closet. I am no longer just selling new items in my closet I now have a mixture of new with tags items, preowned items, and boutique items. I figured this was what was best for me to reach a higher potential on Poshmark. It was crucial in the month of october because it drove in so many sales. I am very proud of myself. I listed over $10,000 of RETAIL VALUE to my closet.
  2. I increased my number of listings. I now have over 500 items listed.
  3. I started listing daily. I am now trying my hardest to list at least 10 items every day. It’s a personal goal that I would like to keep achieving. I think it keeps me on my toes and it keeps my closet very fresh.
  4. I started sharing items from the main feed. I share 30 items from the feed and then share 15 of my own items. It gets me lots of exposure. I can usually get 1-2 offers within the hour.
  5. I share at all times of the day. Sometimes I am up until 3am sharing. You never know who might be up looking for a great deal
  6. I always share to Twitter, Pintrest, and Tumblr.
  7. I started posting my items on Instagram and put the link to my closet at the top of my profile page.

For those of you who don’t know or for those of you who didn’t gather from my previous post, I have two Poshmark accounts. I sell all my Boutique items in one closet @ohrosalinda and in my other closet @thriftyrose I sell all used items and NWT (new with tags) items. I was doing this to keep my sales separate and to keep track of how much income was being made from thrifting vs. boutique/retail merchandise. LET ME TELL YOU IT WAS A LOT TO KEEP UP WITH! Having two closets is definitely a lot to handle and in the end I was neglecting my thrifting closet and putting all my energy into my boutique closet.

Since joining all the Poshmark Facebook groups I’ve noticed that a lot of ladies selling on Poshmark are selling mostly thrifted items or NWT items that they find at retail stores like Nordstrom Rack, local thrift stores, or just anywhere they can find brand name products at a cheap price. Some make up to $1000 or more a month selling brand name items they found at a goodwill or at a garage sale. I thought I’d change it up and I combined my two closets.

It seemed like the more logical thing to do! I know what you’re are thinking….. that’s the big change? Well, YES! It is! It’s a huge change for me. I had no used items listed and as soon as I started added them to my closet I started making sales like CRAZY! People recognize brand named clothing and that immediately drove traffic to my closet.

I am really excited for this new look in my closet. I’ve always been scared to mix my two closets. This month I’ve made record sales on Poshmark.

I counted 70 sales in October and over 100 items sold! I have improved so much in just one month and I plan to keep beating the records i set in the upcoming months. I’m super stoked and I hope this update motivates you like it has motivated me. Share your closet username with me down in the comments or drop a link to your Poshmark closet so I can share the love by sharing your listings!!!  I would love to follow all you lovely ladies! Lets motivate each other! 🙂

Thanks for reading!





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