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Fresh Skincare Products Review 

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Today I wanted to write about some Fresh products that I purchased at my local FRESH store inside NorthPark Mall here in Dallas! I LOVE NORTHPARK! It’s very elegant inside and they have a variety of beautiful art and live plants! It’s like walking around an indoor/outdoor art gallery!

Anyway, I hadn’t purchased products at FRESH before and when my bestfriend and I walked into the store I had NO intentions of buying anything. I had never really invested in good face products before and that changed quickly when we both looked at the beautiful mirrors they had on display and saw that our 25+ year old skin needed some hydration and TLC! The lady at the counter laughed at us because we were horrified at the reflections of ourselves in the mirrors. Well, after chatting with her a bit She talked me into purchasing two products.

The first is the Lotus Eye Gel

It goes right underneath your eyes and helps reduce dark circles. It also takes away any puffiness you might have and improves the overall appearance of that area. It definitely helps me in the mornings after my shower. On mornings when I don’t shower and I wake up feeling a little groggy, this little creme helps lift up my eyes and reduces that puffy “I Just woke up” look you don’t want. I am very satisfied with this product and will be going back for more when I finish mine. The packaging is a cylinder like bottle with a pump. You don’t need to pump more than once. One pump or even half a pump will give you more than enough product for both eyes.

You can click the image above to check out prices on Amazon. or visit their website HERE! It’s a great product that gives great results and is fairly affordable compared to most products out there that do the same thing.

The second product is the Rose Hydrating Face Cream.

This has now become my daily routine face cream it is 100% I use it every morning when I wake up and also put it on before bed. It is absolutely great. Every time I put it on I feel like a rose petal. It’s so light and fluffy and just as good if not better than a professional salon facial. When you apply the creme its very fluffy and creamy at first but then settles on your skin leaving it very hydrated and feeling SO SOFT! It took my boyfriend a while to get use to the rose scent it naturally has but he loves it now! Click the image above to head over to Amazon and check out their prices and I’ve also linked this product on their website HERE just for you!

Thanks so much for reading! If you have any Fresh products that you love let me know down in the comments! I would love to know your favs! 🤗

Xoxo Rosalinda 


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