Resale Adventures: My Thrift Haul 

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Mimosas & Marionettes!

About a week or two ago I went to a thrift store in Garland, TX named Thrify’s Thrift Store. I picked up a couple of items and thought I’d share them with you.

They were having a 50% OFF Pink Tag Sale, 35% OFF Green Tag Sale, & also giving an extra 25% OFF to all students/teachers.

I was pretty excited when I got there and went directly to the jeans but found nothing worth reselling. Next I hit the jacket section, a section I hardly ever stop to browse in. I found a couple of Juicy Couture track suit jackets. One was pink with a nice graphic on the back and the other was green a bit more faded. They were both priced at $2.95 Yellow tag. I decided my best bet was the pink one.

Originally it retails for about $60

Next I started browsing the dresses which I hate because the racks are always overflowing and you have to use both hands to dig yourself through them! I found two that really stood out.

One was a simple black Theory Dress with a puffy bell Sleeve! $4.95 white tag

Retails for $109

The second was a New with tags Hot Topic Skeleton Tulle Dress! $4.95 White tag

Retails for about $45

I thought they were both adorable and I needed them up in my Posh closet ASAP!

I scooped them both up and headed to the Sweater rack next!

As I was turning the corner I noticed a black knit sweater with lots of Faux fur around the collar! Faux fur is totally in this Fall and when I got closet I saw the tag…. Juicy Couture! SCORE!

Retails for about $249

It was priced at $6.98 and had a green tag… meaning it was 35% OFF DOUBLE SCORE! Haha!

I also found an Antropologie Saturday/Sunday Purple Hoodie priced at $3.98

Retails for $88

It’s super soft and perfect for layering!

And a BCBG graphic hoodie priced at $2.98

Retails for $65

It has some really awesome graphics in the back and some embroidery on the hood!

My last awesome find was this Vintage Adidas Black Sweater for $3.98 with a green tag. It has a very unique print and I thought it would do well in my Poshmark closet!

According to my research it originally retailed for $49 when it was in store.

Total I believe I spent about $25 after the discounts were applied! I think it was a successful thrift haul considering 2 items have already sold!

I took an offer on the Juicy Couture Faux Fur Black Knit Cardigan Sweater for $25 🤗🤗

and the Theory Dress for $35 in a bundle with some jewelry!

I plan to get between $20-$35 for each of the other items. They are very clean and in awesome condition so I’m sure that they will sell soon.

If you’d like to go take a look at them please feel free to visit my closet on Poshmark! My username is @ohrosalinda & don’t forget to use code HZKRK when you sign up!

If you don’t know what Poshmark is head on over to my previous post HERE to read up on this awesome app!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more thrifting adventures by yours truly!

– Rosalinda


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