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E.l.f. Skincare Voxbox Unboxing & Review 


Welcome back to Mimosas & Marionettes!

Today I’m here with the wonderful e.l.f. #voxbox that my friends at Influenster sent me! I was so surprised when I found out they were full size products! Influenster has been so amazing to me and I’ve loved testing and reviewing all the products they send me!

(If is wasn’t clear before: I received all products complimentary of Influnester and elf. But all opinions are my own! THANK YOU!)

Just quickly before I dive into the unboxing/review I wanted to let you know that they are having a HUGE promotion on their website right now so please head on over and check them out! They are doing a FREE SHIPPING on all orders promotion as well as giving away 4 products with a purchase of $25 or more! (I only know because after I got this voxbox I went and bought some products from them online.)

Okay so now on with the blog….  Here is my awesome e.l.f. voxbox!


It came in a beautiful teal blue box and everything was nicely packaged and cushioned with white tissue paper! A small postcard was included giving me more info on the products and also giving me the proper hashtags to use when uploading any pics to social media!

The first two products I tried were the Mineral Infused Face Primer in Clear and the Baked Highlighter and Bronzer duo in Bronzed Gold.


The Mineral Infused Face Primer is QUEEN! It is very soft to the touch and goes on smooth. The packaging is simple and very elegant and clean. It comes in a plastic container with a pump and in my opinion you only need less than one pump or half a pump to cover your entire face which is convenient. It’s very affordable and you can find it on their website for only $6.00. I’ve used it now for about a week and I’m loving it. Apply it to your clean neck and face before you put on foundation using your fingers for a flawless finish.

The Baked Highlighter and Bronzer Duo is so awesome. The packaging is very simple and easy to carry in your makeup case or bag. I like to use them both together. I will do a small bit of contouring with the bronzer and then use the highlighter on my cheekbones. It has some shimmer to it but its not over powering. This little guy is super cheap! Only $4.00 on their website! I would say that the bronzer isn’t so pigmented which can be good or bad depending on how you like your bronzer. Personally I love a pigmented bronzer. You’re gonna have to use more than you would a regular pigmented bronzer if you want that rich color to really come up. Try using a fluffy sculpting brush To contour.  The highlighter however is super pigmented and extra shimmery.

The next two products I tried were the Matte Lipstick in Wine and the Lip Exfoliator in Mint Manic!


The Matte Lip Color in Wine is very chic and sexy. I have to say that I love it because I haven’t stopped using it. It’s definitely helped me get over my fear of red and berry lip colors. It’s very rich and doesn’t dry out. The lipstick also comes with a sharpener but honestly I haven’t used it and don’t plan to in the future. I wont use it because I don’t think its smart to waste product and I also don’t really need a fine point when I apply this. You can find this matte lip color along with many other colors on their website for only $3.00! I know right? Its a steal!!!

I can’t really choose a favorite product from the e.l.f. cosmetics voxbox because they are all truly awesome but if they had to MAKE ME choose. I would say the most bomb product in this whole box is this little Lip Exfoliator! Its the holy grail of all Lip Exfoliators. I’ve tried a lot of them. If you are a frequent reader you know that I LOVE Fresh Cosmetics….(coming out with a new blog soon fyi)…. but the e.l.f lip exfoliator is so much cheaper. I’m so glad they sent me this product because I don’t think I would have ever picked it up. The minty taste it has is also incredible and will come in handy this winter! I also thought they would make super cute Christmas stocking stuffers for my family and friends!

If you are looking to try an e.l.f product soon I would say pick this one up because you won’t be disappointed. It comes in three different flavors and you can find them all on their website for only $3.00!

The last product I tried the very first night I received these products. It was the Hydrating Bubble Mask! I’d heard so many great things about this mask and when I opened my box I couldn’t believe how big the actual product was. It looked very small in the pictures I had seen in videos and other blogs before. The packaging is definitely a game changer for e.l.f! It’s very crisp and looks clean and expensive.


You have to press down on the pump for it to dispense the product. Once the product is dispensed you can scoop it with your fingertips and apply it all over your face avoiding your eye area. I learned that in order to get that even coat you have to do it quickly so I pump twice and then apply so that I have enough product on my fingers to cover my whole face. This is because my OCD really kicks in and I want an even layer of bubbles all over! Overall I really love the bubble mask! You can find it at Target for only $14.00! Totally worth it!


I was very fortunate to be selected to receive the e.l.f skincare cosmetics voxbox and now I am pretty much loving e.l.f more than ever! When I received the email, they sent me a link to a video that showed all the products and that made me want them so much more.

The video is linked HERE so you can go check it out! Maybe in the future I will gain the courage to film something for you guys and I can demonstrate how to use these products and give you some swatches!

If you don’t know about Influenster and want to know more the feel free to read my previous posts about them HERE and HERE.

If you are willing to review and test products out then go ahead and sign up using this link ——->  Depending on the surveys you take and your interaction in the app you will get selected for certain campaigns!

Let me know what e.l.f products you’re into lately I’d love to hear it in the comments! 🙂

– Rosalinda



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