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My Drugstore Concealer Collection 

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Today I have a different kind of post for you. I’ve been obsessed with concealer lately and before my collection grows I wanted to share with you some concealers that have been working for me.

 I will share with you 6 concealers that you can find at your local drugstore.

I hope you enjoy!

After taking this picture I realized that 3 concealers are from Maybelline so I will just talk about those first and one of those concealers isn’t available anymore so I linked a website where you can find it if you so desire.

The first concealer is the Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circles Eraser.

It is a treatment concealer with goji berries and haloxyl.!

I find this Concealer to be the most unique out of the others in this post. The main thing that makes it so unique is it’s sponge applicator.

It is SUPER SOFT to the touch and blends out well. There is absolutely no waste when using this product because you simply turn the tube to pump the product out onto the sponge.

Applying is so easy! I don’t need to use another sponge to blend this out.

I am in the shade Neutralizer.

It has amazing coverage and there are days I don’t wear foundation on top of this product because I just don’t need it. Overall I give this product a 10/10 for awesome coverage and great results.

Next is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer.

It also has great coverage and magically oxidizes some and changes a bit to match the color of your skin tone after applying!

The spongy applicator is the same as a lip gloss applicator. I find it very convenient because you don’t over apply with this wand.

You also get the most out of your concealer in my opinion because you can really apply directly to the spots that need it the most! Its so easy to use and the packaging isn’t bulky.

Mine is in the shade 20 Sand Sable.

I really love this Concealer and always find myself reaching for it daily. You have to get your hands on this one!

My last maybelline product is the Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer!

Like I said earlier, I’m not even sure if they make this anymore but I recently found it again when I emptied out my theatrical makeup kit! I love this stuff!

It also features a wand applicator. It’s extra creamy and hydrating. Perfect for those of you with dry skin. For those of you with oily skin you might want to pass on this one. I will also say if you are looking for something to brighten your undereyes or maybe add some highlight you might want to go a shade lighter than your usual go to.

I found this for you on I will link you directly to thier website RIGHT HERE! Its only $4.99!

Next is the concealer I picked up at the Dollar Tree!

It is the L.A. Colors Concealer in Nude.

Yes! You heard me! THE DOLLAR TREE! So it was only $1! lol

Believe it or not I’m kinda digging it now that I’ve used it a couple of times!

This is what the packaging looks like!


I won’t go into too much detail because I did post about it in my Dollar Tree Haul Post a few weeks ago. I’ll LINK IT HERE for you to go and check it out!



You’ll be surprised at the awesome things you can find in the Dollar Tree! I’ll also LINK the Dollar Tree website for you to check out the other L.A. Colors cosmetics available.

It’s in the shade nude.

This next product is absolutely amazing! Its the Concealer Palette by e.l.f Cosmetics.

It’s so compact and easy to carry. For the most part I keep mine in my purse.

I ordered this palette in the shade Light.

After playing with it now for a couple of months I think was the perfect choice for me. It works wonders under my under eyes and also helps me with some trouble spots.

It comes with a small mirror and a small brush!

The four different shades really give you a variety to work with and that comes in handy when the seasons change! I would consider this a medium coverage concealer but for the most part it does the job of hiding any imperfections. It retails for $3.00 which is absolutely a bargain!

The next and final product is also by e.l.f Cosmetics.

This Maximum Coverage Concealer is oil free and does just what it says!

It provides maximum coverage and is super affordable. If you are looking to try a new concealer you must pick this up. The texture is very creamy and externally light for maximum coverage. I usually wear this when I want a full on glam look and I want my makeup to stay on all night. I believe it also retails for $3.00.

Alright ladies!

That was my current concealer collection. I know it will grow soon and in a couple of months I’ll have to update this. Even though I trust the concealers I’ve talked about in this post and I know they won’t fail me… I love trying new things. Don’t we all?! Lol!

Thank you so much for reading and I really hope you enjoyed this post!

If you did enjoy it please leave me a comment down below letting me know your thoughts on your favorite concealers and any suggestions you might have for products you want me to try or think I might like! See you soon!

– Rosalinda

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