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5 February Beauty Favorites

Hi! Welcome back to Mimosas & Marionettes! If you are new to my blog then HELLLLLLOOOOO! My name is Rosalinda and I’m not a makeup artist just a beauty enthusiast. 🙂

Today I bring you my February Beauty Favorites!!!

Let’s get right to it!

  1. e.l.f Maximum Coverage Concealer!

I am a concealer freak!  I cant get enough of this maximum coverage! I wear it almost everyday! sometimes I wear it alone without any foundation.


It retails for a whopping $3.00! You cant beat that! I encourage you to at least take a look at the website! They have aws

2. Benefits BROWVO! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer.

Only the best little primer out there for your brows. Its so easy to use and the packaging makes me feel like a straight up boss when i use it!

I got this picture off their website! Isn’t the packaging just stunning?

You simply twist the bottom and the product oozes out. It has these mini rubber bristles that gently comb through your brows and also extends the wear of your brow products! . The product itself is fresh and relaxing giving your brows a solid fuller and healthier look! The conditioning formula contains keratin and soy proteins to really set that foundation before you apply any color to line and fill them in!

3. Pure & Basic Vitamin E Oil 

Vitamin E oil has been saving my life this winter! I have been applying this all over my body. On my elbows, my knee, my hands, and any dry spots that i notice. I also apply to freshly shaved places. This winter has been so tough on my skin. I think its the rapid weather changed happening in Texas. One day it’s super flipping cold and other days it feels like summer again!

pure-and-basic-lite-vitamin-e-oil-074092121035If you’re looking for something to help with your dry skin then this oil is perfect! I live by it!

4. Rosebud Salve 



Rosebud Salve has always been one of my loyal products that I have repurchased but recently is has been such a savior. Just like the Vitamin e oil this vaseline like lip balm is perfect for chapped lips when its cold out! I also apply it to my elbows and knees when I’m feeling a little dry in those areas of my body! I’ve used it for years but this month I’ve enjoyed it even more! I always get questions about it when I use it in public! There is something about the little tin that looks so aesthetically pleasing!

5. Lavanila Sports Luxe Deodorant  s1714443-main-lhero

I saw this while standing in line to pay at Sephora and I found it pretty interesting! I picked it up because I did need a new deodorant but also because its free of all chemicals. Its an all natural product and I have to say I have been loving it this month! You totally need this in your life. I know this is going to come off a little weird to some of you but I haven’t really been using deodorant on a regular basis. I find myself not needing it most of the time. I’m not like raising my arms in anyone face so I don’t usually apply but I have noticed that I do need some type of deodorant. Just because I can’t smell myself doesn’t mean that other people cant. hahaha! I bought the small travel size one which was about $9. I know $9 for deodorant is a lot but I’ve used it every day for the past 28 days and I haven’t had the need to even scroll the bottom for more product. A little goes a long way. It goes on very soft and smooth. It doesn’t leave any stains and its gooey like a gel. I can’t stand gel deodorants so this was such a happy medium for me!


Alright guys those were my 5 February Beauty Favorites! I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet post! None of these pictures are mine they are all product shots from the links that I added so you can easily find these items. If you did enjoy this post please give it a like and please hit the follow button so you dont miss out on any of my new blog post!

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next one!