Poshmark – What Sold This Week April 28-30th, 2017 

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA. I’m excited to be back and hopefully I have more time to post now that we are getting closer to summer.

I wanted to talk about what sold this past weekend on Poshmark. I collected all the my sales from Friday – Sunday in screenshots to show to you! I wanted to give you an idea of what I am selling and how much money I am making on a weekly basis. Stay tuned for my “Poshmark – April Sales Update & What I learned” Blog post coming soon later this week.

I only resell part time on Poshmark and the money I make really helps out with bills. I thoroughly enjoy it. I’ve posted a few times about my journey on Poshmark and my reselling journey. I will link some of my previous post HEREHERE – & HERE so you can go and check those out.

Okay so lets get to what sold this past weekend April Friday 29th – Sunday 30th, 2017 on Poshmark!

These were a pair of Aeropostale Leggings that I purchased at the Goodwill outlet. They sell all their items by the pound there. I believe I paid a total of $0.35 for these leggings because they are super light weight! Leggings always sell for me. Especially if they have a nice print on them. People love leggings so don’t pass them up at your local thrift store if you can get them for a cheap price.


I remember seeing them and picking them up telling myself that I would get $10 for them. I had them listed for $15 and took a best offer of $12! I believe I had them for about 2 days.

The next item sold was this Express cardigan from my ex boyfriend. He bought this one night when we were shopping at our local mall. He wore it for a bit and then after the break up I kept it.


Since I already had this item and didnt have to source for it my total profit was greater that usual on this sale. Someone purchased it for $18! It has a small hole on one of the shoulders. Not noticeable at all although I did disclose that in the listing. You never know what people are looking for so my motto is LIST IT! haha! I list anything and everything I can before I end up donating it.

Next up was this Xhiliration Long Sleeve Embroidered Maxi dress I purchased for myself at Target. It was on sale for $9.98 and at the time I thought it was very cute and that I would wear it with boots all year round. I took the tag off and tried it on and immediately hated it. Which I find myself doing often.


I was very disappointed because it is a beautiful dress but it just wasn’t for me. I listed it on Poshmark for $24 and got an offer of $20 so of course I took it!

Next up is this corset bra by Dedicates. It was also a goodwill outlet find and I paid less that $0.50 for it. It was a size 34C. I originally had purchased for myself but I never wore it.


I had it listed for $15 and someone offered me $10!

These were a pair of GAP Denim Jeans that I purchased at a local thrift store for $1. I was really excited when these sold because I didn’t know if they were going to go for my full asking price or not!

img_4320I’m currently in the process of taking new pictures for all my items. Its a pain but I’m working on it everyday this week. These sold for $22 and I was very happy with that!

This lovely blouse was also mine! I purchased it at Ross. I wore it so much and it was so loved by me! However it was time to purge that closet so this went on Posh and sold under a week.


I sold this item in a bundle with the skirt that you see below! So I was super excited for this sale! The skirt below is by Moon Collection a brand that is sold wholesale on Poshmark which is awesome because that means it gets more exposure on the app. However I did not purchase this skirt through poshmark.


This was a brand new with tags skirt from my Boutique line Cotton Jangle Boutique. I made this sale right after I listed this skirt and I give all the credit to my incredible new photos! Arent they gorg! haha!

Next up is this Umgee dress. Brand new with tags also from my boutique line! Its one of those dresses that I purchased wholesale and IT NEVER SOLD! So now I can say I at least sold one! haha!


I took a best offer of $10 because I just want these bad boys GONE! I have 5 left!

Let me know if you want one! 😉 hahahahahaha!

This next sale was a pair of Steve Madded glitter toe platform flats. They had a small flaw which I noted in the listing!


I took a best offer of $15.

This Ann Taylor Petite dress was also a goodwill outlet find and it took me a while to sell. I paid about $0.85 for it and sold it in a bundle with the next item pictured!


These J. Crew shorts were thrifted from a local garage sale I went to a few months ago. They also took a while to sell but I was super happy for this bundle sale!

Up next was this Angie Boutique dress that my lovely cousin Sam is modeling! I sent her one as a gift and she sent me these adorable pictures of her in them!


I took a best offer of $15 for it because I’ve had these for sometime now and its time to really clear out some of my inventory. I have one left in a size medium if anyone is interested!

This lovely Torrid bralette I found at a local thrift store and I paid $2.50 for it which is out of my comfort zone if I’m being honest! I usually dont shop thrift stores. I stick to the goodwill outlet to maximize my profit but this find was totally worth it.


I had it listed for $24 and took a best offer of $22!

This next sale was also sold on best offer and it was a little harder for me to sell. I bought it during one of my hauls from Nordstrom Rack! They always have a great clear the rack sale and I scored this top for about $4.00.


I’ve had it for some time now and I was eager to just sell as much as possible this weekend so I took a best offer of $15. I still managed to make some profit so I was satisfied in the end.

These lovely Ann Taylor LOFT pants were brand new with tags and I purcahsed them at my local thrift store for $1.00!


I listed them for $24 and took a best offer of $18! Glad to get them out of my house and into a new home! I made my fair share of profit!

The last item sold this weekend was this Cleveland Indians Jersey. I had it listed for $29 and took a best offer of $20. The jerseys I listed were on consignment from a co-worker of mine who really wanted to get rid of some of his items. I agreed to post them on my Poshmark because I thought it would drive in some traffic to my closet!


Okay guys! Those were all the clothing items I sold on Poshmark this past weekend! I also made a sale on eBay and a sale on Mercari which was very exciting!


If you want to know more about what platforms I sell on or if you have any questions about reselling I would love to help! Let me know down below in the comments! I am very open to suggestions on blog topics to help you guys out! I love doing these sold post and will plan to continue doing them!

Feel free to let me know your poshmark username as well so I can follow and share your closets! Thanks again for the support and inspiration and I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you did please like this post and leave me a comment! 🙂

– Rosalinda



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