My week in sales 9.11-9.17.2016

Hello everyone!!! Welcome back to Mimosas and Marionettes! I’m excited to share a my week in sales post today because I feel like everyone has their ups and downs when it comes to online sales and I wanted to share my stats to motivate myself a bit and maybe get some feedback from anyone who…… Continue reading My week in sales 9.11-9.17.2016


Top 5 August Beauty Favorites

Hi everyone! I wanted to start this Favorites series by giving you my August Beauty Picks! Everything on this list can be found on Amazon.com. I will link all the best prices for you so you can easily shop for them with one click! I live in Dallas, Texas and it gets hot as heck out…… Continue reading Top 5 August Beauty Favorites


Poshmark – How to Earn Your First $500

  Hi there and welcome back to my Poshmark series! I am so excited that my previous blog posts have helped you get familiar with Poshmark! I love sharing my experiences with you! Today I wanted to post some tips on how to earn those first $500 on Poshmark! I remember meeting my first goal…… Continue reading Poshmark – How to Earn Your First $500


My #ZzzQuil VoxBox  

Hello ladies, today I wanted to talk to you about Influenster! Influenster is a website where you can go to review your favorite products or get questions answered by people who are trying the same brands you are. You can discover new products and share your opinions and experiences all while helping others! It’s so…… Continue reading My #ZzzQuil VoxBox  


Poshmark, the app that is paying my rent 💸🏡📲

(DISCLAIMER: I am in no way compensated for writing about Poshmark) If you haven’t heard about Poshmark it is a mobile app that allows you to shop and sell used and new items right from your phone. It’s very simple and SO ADDICTIVE! Recently they have added a mens & kids section to their website…… Continue reading Poshmark, the app that is paying my rent 💸🏡📲


25 Things I learned at 25

I’ve been 25 for about 8 months now, so I think I am entitled to write a post about how life is for me at this moment in time. Turning 25 is sometimes looked down upon but honestly its been a real eye opening year for me and has brought me to the following realizations, so…… Continue reading 25 Things I learned at 25