25 Things I learned at 25

I’ve been 25 for about 8 months now, so I think I am entitled to write a post about how life is for me at this moment in time. Turning 25 is sometimes looked down upon but honestly its been a real eye opening year for me and has brought me to the following realizations, so here are 25 things I’ve learned about being 25….

  1. NO ONE IS GOING TO GIVE YOU A BREAK. Sorry Dude, you’re 25 now. No breaks for you my friend. It’s time to hit the road and hit the road fast.No looking back. From this day forward you live for yourself.
  2. You have to actually start eating your vegetables now! There is no way around it. I promise that if you give them a shot, mushrooms are actually tasty, and so are tomatoes!
  3. Starbucks isn’t as affordable as you thought it was. It’s a very expensive addiction and you should really limit yourself to one drink a week and call yourself a rock star for affording it!
  4. Learn to make your own cold brew. Seriously look that shit up on YouTube and you can thank me later!
  5. Paying your rent on time is crucial! Make sure you meet those rent payments because owing your landlord money doesn’t look so good on your renters history! Yeah, you’re an adult now.
  6. Stop giving your friends shit when they complain about their age. You are one of them now.
  8. Shaving isn’t all that important. Its okay to be hairy!
  9. Embrace your inner child! Deep down you are still 5, so own it.
  10. Embrace your almost adulthood! Those great adult ideas you get… run with them! They are logical and not dumb! Like getting health insurance for example.
  11. Look into decluttering your life! You don’t need all those middle school notes you keep in a box under your bed anymore! You have moved on! Bury them in a time capsule in your backyard or in a park somewhere…. come back to them when you are 35!
  12. You’re age does not determine how successful you are or should be. Don’t put a value on your age. Its not worth the stress. Just because you don’t have it all figured out at 25 doesn’t mean you are a huge failure.
  13. Take your mistakes seriously. Learn from them and run with what you’ve learned.
  14. Carry pepper spray with you everywhere you go!
  15. Cross body bags are the
  16. Pooping in public is pure bliss. I don’t understand people who say they can’t poop in public. Let me tell you that pooping at work, a grocery store, or a friends house is absolutely OK! It’s nature. Let your body be and don’t be afraid to let it out in public!
  17. Letting go of shitty friends has to be on this list! I cant stress this enough! You don’t need people in your life that you have to work extra hard to be friends with! You don’t need people in your life who ask so much of you but you don’t get anything in return.
  18. Stop giving your friends a heads up about job openings. It is their responsibility to find a job not yours. You can’t help other people be successful if they don’t want to be. Climb the ladder alone and leave those who are too lazy to succeed behind.
  19. Stop feeling bad for people who can’t seem to get out of the hole they’ve been in. They don’t want to be saved so just let them be. Again, it isn’t your responsibility to save them!
  20. Enjoy the little things! Like quiet time alone or pre-packaged cut fruit!
  21. Start loving yourself! I know you hear this all the time on commercials and from your mom but you need to hear it from me! LOVE YOURSELF! Being 25 is about finding the inner you and loving yourself for all that you are and all that you want to be!
  22. Stop making excuses for yourself. Its not fair to you or others.
  23. Focus on what makes you happy! Start living life for you and not your significant other, your job, or your friends.
  24. Voting is important.
  25. Saving money is important. Stop spending money on unnecessary things. Think about your future and who you want to be, and where you want to be when you are 50!

I hope this post makes you laugh and that you realize that being 25 is amazing! Let me know something you learned as you started getting older in the comment section! Let’s inspire and support one another! 

💕 Rose 


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